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The mission of Baila Duro is simply “to spread the inspiration that salsa music and dancing offer.” This mission is represented by the energy, inspiration, unity, and friendship that are brought together at all of its events.

The objective of Baila Duro is to contribute to the growth of the salsa/mambo experience by providing an alternative environment created for salsa enthusiasts by fellow salsa enthusiasts, as well as by organizing special workshops and performances.

The Past, Present, and Future of Baila Duro

Baila Duro started its first salsa social in January 2006. Organized by a group of local salsa lovers in Cleveland, the original focus of its activities was to provide a venue where dancers can enjoy salsa music and dancing in a non-intimidating environment and to promote fellowship among dancers that share passion for the music and dancing.

The monthly salsa socials have continued and grown. Also in 2007, Baila Duro organized two special events – the 1st Anniversary Event in February and Baila Duro Extreme in August. Both events featured out-of-town salsa dancers/ instructors/performers that are up and coming in the global salsa scene, and who are known and loved for their teaching and performing abilities, and for their great personalities.

The purpose of these events was to introduce to the local community the salsa music and dance forms that are appreciated, loved, and shared all over the world and to contribute to enhancing local dancers’ experience. These events brought together dancers from around the Midwest region and beyond to enjoy the explosive energy and inspiration demonstrated by the visiting performers and everyone in attendance.

These events also were very successful in promoting the love and passion shared by everyone in attendance and in supporting the continued growth of the community.

Today, Baila Duro remains in its original form of a monthly salsa social, but the term “Baila Duro” has expanded its definition to include ‘a revival movement’ of Salsa and Mambo as music and dance forms enjoyed by all people with their passion expressed in their lifestyle.

The concept of this movement is the core of its mission and governs all of its activities from the monthly social, annual events, lectures & presentations, and in many creative methods of promoting this music and dance that are currently being planned.

Baila Duro’s grass-roots efforts to spread the joy of salsa dancing continue to attract many salsa lovers in the region and beyond.

The Team
Baila Duro social is organized and run by volunteers who share passion for salsa/mambo dancing in Cleveland area. We welcome anybody who is interested in joining our team!!

Chika Aizu
Michelle Asher
Tina Camargo
Paul Carter
Efrain Flores
Joe Fornadel
Claudio Garcia
Yohanna Gonzalez
Ignacio Miranda
Lisa Murray
Lina Sbrocco
Bernetta Zupancic

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